October 9, 2023
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Meet the Future Innovators of Healthcare: Cohort 2 Participants Share Their Motivation Behind Joining AUSCEP

AI mental health solutions, innovating education, developing fintech for healthcare & elevating human performance: Meet four AUSCEP entrepreneurs from this year's AUSCEP cohort!
Meet the Future Innovators of Healthcare: Cohort 2 Participants Share Their Motivation Behind Joining AUSCEP
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December 18, 2023

At AUSCEP, we believe that the future of healthcare is being shaped by innovative clinicians. Our mission is to nurture and support these exceptional individuals on their journey to transform the healthcare landscape. In a recent video, we had the privilege of getting to know four remarkable participants from AUSCEP Cohort 2.

Padraig (Pod) O'Sullivan: Innovating Nursing Education

Padraig O'Sullivan, a registered nurse and entrepreneur, is on a mission to revolutionise nursing education. He shares his passion for innovation and the inspiration behind joining AUSCEP.

Claire Wu: Pioneering AI Mental Health Solutions

Claire Wu, a physiotherapist and the founder of MiniME, is at the forefront of developing AI-driven mental health solutions. She discusses her commitment to improving mental health and why AUSCEP was the perfect platform for her groundbreaking ideas.

Emily Smith: Elevating Human Movement and Performance

Emily Smith, a sports podiatrist, is dedicated to pioneering innovative solutions for optimising human movement and performance. In the video, she shares her vision and her reasons for choosing AUSCEP as a partner in her journey.

Kyle R Joseph: Fintech for Healthcare

Kyle R Joseph, a medical doctor and founder of FinTech start-up Fractal Pay, brings a unique perspective to healthcare. He talks about the intersection of finance and healthcare and why AUSCEP is the perfect launchpad for his venture.

We extend our gratitude to Peter Birch and Talking HealthTech for creating this insightful video. It provides a glimpse into the passion, dedication, and innovation that drive our AUSCEP participants.
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