Amy Wallis

Occupational Therapist
Helping people with cancer to reclaim and rebuild their lives after cancer and cancer treatment: A digital solution.
I am an occupational therapist and one of the co-directors of Selsus, a cancer supportive care business. I am a passionate cancer researcher, clinician and academic.
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A New Chapter in Cancer Care: Amy Wallis is on a Mission to Transform Survivorship

Dr Amy Wallis is the co-founder of Selsus who are addressing the often overlooked journey of life after cancer treatment. In a country where more than 1.4 million individuals are living with cancer, the shift from intensive treatment routines back to the nuances of daily life can be daunting and isolating. Through the innovative use of telehealth and digital platforms, Selsus is committed to bridging this gap, offering customised rehabilitation and survivorship care accessible to everyone across Australia, transcending barriers of geography and cancer type. Learn more from Dr Wallis as she shares the mission and impact of Selsus in transforming post-treatment care
Peter Birch
October 9, 2023
4 minutes

Amy Wallis